Comunicació MUEC Egipte

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Comunicació del MUEC d'Egipte (JEC) en el que expliquen la situació de violència i persecució que pateixen en el seu país, motiu per el que han hagut de suspendre les activitats a més de l'aïllament que senten dels mitjans de comunicació. 

Dear JEC leaders.

I am sorry to inform you that nearly all Christian activities, including JEC, are temporarily suspended in Egypt due to the unprecedented aggression of the Muslim Brotherhood organization retaliating against the authorities by torching churches & attacking Christians in their homes & businesses. According to the secular authorities: 36 (Thirty Six) churches have been burned in three days, more than has been previously attacked in 50 years, and we are expecting more today. They are also torching government buildings, banks, schools & whatever they find in their way, besides churches. They also attack ordinary persons, especially Christians, as well as police & army personnel (more than 150 police & army officers have been injured & killed, not counting the other ranks), declaring on facebook, Twitter & their propaganda that they are "peaceful demonstrators".

What is heartbreaking is the response of the media and politicians in the West to this situation in Egypt" (including even some Christian media). They are not even silent about all this anti-Christian aggression & blood shedding, but to the contrary, they are portraying the Muslim Brotherhood as "the peaceful moderate organization which is attacked by a savage police" and are holding the police & authorities responsible for all this blood shedding.

So please pray for a miracle from the Lord to finish this anti-Christian, church destroying wave without more blood shedding & feel free to forward this report to the church authorities & to the JEC family worldwide.

Much love in Christ. May our Lord keep & bless all of you.

(JEC Middle East Coordinator).

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